Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Sugarfree Homes

Our Sugarfree online program has helped 2488 families to kick sugar's butt!

Sugarfree Schools

We work with school kids to find out what's actually in our food and how to make our own!

Sugarfree Clubs

Our groups are getting amazing results, with weight loss, Diabetes control and remission!

Here's Some Help!

May school lunches are more than the WHO’s recommended daily limit in free sugars!

We have put together this quick and easy graphic to help identify some of the common sugar-laden kid’s lunch choices, and just how much sugar they have added to them.

We have also made some sugar-free suggestions that will help get you started!

Hello Sugarfree Family!

Goodbye Sugar! Learn how to reduce the amount of sugar you and your family eat with our free e-course.

Get tried and tested recipes, supportive online community, quick quiz and simple swaps.  As well as sugar-free tips from leading health professionals, including Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr David Unwin and Prof Tim Noakes.

It’s also FREE, so sign up now!

Our Reviews

Families need help to ditch the addiction. Thank you for providing both the information and a supportive community to help them do that.
Gillian Szollos
Gillian Szollos
Ottawa, Canada
I’m off 2 diabetes medications and am due to come off a statins thanks to the diet changes I have learned with Leafie.org
Leicester, UK
My Low Carb lifestyle has given me a new purpose in life and has made me feel a lot more optimistic about life in general.
Galway, Ireland
My family's health has improved massively now that we eat less sugar. Our house is a sugar-free safe zone and our kids love it!
Adrienne Olivier
Adrienne Olivier
Capetown, SA

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