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Food really matters!

Leafie Health non-profit was set up in 2018.  We work with schools, groups and organisations to deliver talks, workshops and programmes aimed at improving family and community health through food changes.

As a family we transformed our children’s eczema, epilepsy and alopecia by changing our everyday family foods.  We ate healthy fats, very little sugar, refined or processed foods, put simply we ate real foods with stunning health results.

The evidence clearly shows that the foods we eat have a huge impact on our health.

Through Leafie we now share our sugar-free, low carb and keto food knowledge and resources to help amazing individuals and families on their own food for health journey.

Real foods rock!

Sugar-free Family course

Join the families and individuals following our Sugar-free Family to healthier everyday foods!
It’s FREE and includes contributions from leading experts as well as real families to get you well on your way.

Read Food for Autism

Watch our School Food Programme short video on working with children with ASD symptoms.  The impact of real food was fantastic and we are delighted to be working on the next school programmes to support more young people!

Our Story

Watch our own family real food journey with the wonderful Sally Gray ND of

And on our media page we keep a record of reports and features we appear in from time to time!

Please contribute by sharing this website and/or making a donation.

Thank you!

Team Leafie 🙏🌿 x

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