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Food matters! not for profit was set up by Justin and Claire McLiu in 2018, and is now based in Australia and the UK.

As a family they transformed their children’s health by changing their everyday family foods.  They ate very little sugars, refined or processed foods, instead eating real foods with stunning health results.

Leafie deliver groups and workshops with schools, medical centres and organisations aimed at improving family and community health through food changes.

“Cutting sugars and junk food can change family health.  Real foods rock!”  Claire McLiu

Sugar-free Family course

We’re helping thousands of families to cut sugar with our Sugar-free Family!

It’s FREE and includes tips from Doctors, Dieticians, experts and real families to get you well on your way.


Support us by sharing our course with your school, work and friends and by making a donation if you can.


Team Leafie 🙏🌿 x

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