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Leafie’s Sugar-free Family

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Join our Sugar Free eCourse to learn: How sugar-free eating can benefit your family How to control hunger and cravings What to eat in place of sugary and processed foods Tips from leading international nutrition experts; Dr Aseem Malhotra, Professor Tim Noakes, Dr David Unwin, Dr Peter Brukner, Dr Trudi Deakin and Dr Zoe Harcombe.



Sugar is currently a very hot topic!  Many of us are eating and drinking too much of the stuff, too often. The more sugars that have crept into our family foods over the years the more dependant we have become.  This is a big concern as more and more studies link the sugary modern diet to weight gain and serious health conditions. So whether you need help to set healthier eating habitslose weight or to avoid sugars as a first stage to managing health conditions with diet, this course is for you!

Professor Tim Noakes, Banting Diet and Noakes Foundation Founder and Author, shares his tip on how to sugar-free your foods.



The first meal of the day for most families is also the most commercially branded and challenging meal to un-sugar! In this lesson, featuring Dr Jen Unwin and Dr Trudi Deakin, you will learn how you can sugar-free your breakfast meal, even when short of time.


Sugar-free Drinks

What to drink and what to avoid when cutting out the sugary drinks that are everywhere?! Click on our Sugar-free Drinks Lesson for our tips and recipes to help make the switch. With  sugar-free tips from Dr Campbell Murdoch, Dr David Unwin and Dr Simon Tobin.



In this Module we talk simple healthy lunch ideas for busy families. Click on our Lunch Lesson for timesaving and family-friendly lunch meals. Including sugar-free top tip from Dr Peter Brukner, Founder of the Sugar By Half campaign.


Main Meals

In this Module we talk sugar-free main meals. Hidden sugars are lurking in most of our meals, in pasta sauces, soups, pies, curries, gravies, burgers and in our salad dressings. Follow our simple meal ideas to help your family move to sugar-free meals, with expert tips from Public Health Founder Sam Feltham and restauranteur and cookery book author Katie Caldesi.


Complete Your Course

We are almost at the end of our course. Well done on all of the big and small changes that you have made as part of this!  We have found that by practicing and perfecting a handful of recipes you can get off to a great sugar-free start. This course is only the beginning of your family's journey.  We hope that you will feel better and better with your new foods and are enthusiastic to keep learning and improving your family's health and lifestyle. Please keep up the good work.  Eating well is super important for our family's health.  And send us you very own sugar-free family tip, we would love to hear it! We have a great tip, from Dr Campbell Murdoch, on keeping motivated as you continue with your new healthier food choices after this course.


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