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Course 1: Sugar-free Family E-Course

Sugar-free Family e-Course

  • Improve your family’s eating habits to remain healthy, or
  • Follow as a first stage to managing health conditions with diet
  • Learn how sugar-free eating can benefit your family mentally and physically
  • Learn how to control hunger and cravings
  • Find out what to eat in place of sugary and processed foods
  • FREE e-course
  • Short informative video clips
  • Easy to follow family friendly meals and snacks
  • Printable guides
  • Quick quiz
  • Access to the supportive Leafie online forum
  • Tips and tricks

What is sugar free?

Going ‘sugar free’ simply means removing or drastically cutting down on the regular excess sugars that have crept into the majority of family’s diets.  Added sugar is in the majority of packaged foods that we buy; takeaways, pasta sauces, cereals, flavoured yoghurts, soft drinks, pies, pastries, snack bars, spreads as well as the obvious cakes, chocolate bars and sweets.

The reality of dealing with this sugar overload is that we have to start to cook and use raw ingredients much more.

The transition away from eating foods containing sugar might seem hard at first, finding alternatives meals and snacks, shopping differently, making time for meal preparation, dealing with any cravings or other symptoms from sugar withdrawal.  However within weeks you are likely to start to see and feel the benefits of your progress.

High sugar consumption can increase inflammation, disrupt hormones, reduce your energy and interfere with your mood and sleep.

Kicking sugar addiction and replacing ’empty’ calories with nutrient-dense ones can change how you feel, both mentally and physically, in many ways.

Reduce weight and risk of illness

There is growing mass of research showing that removing excess sugar and highly processed junk from your diet helps with weight loss and very importantly can reduce your risk of developing health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, autoimmune conditions, cancers and many more.

Sugar’s ability to cause inflammation can also lead to conditions such as dermatitis, hyperactivity, indigestion and contribute to mental health problems including depression.

Diet therapies

There are a bewildering number of diets, nutrition therapies and protocols to choose from when looking to improve your health.

Whether you opt to follow a Paleo, AIP, Ketogenic, Modified Atkins, FODMAP, Weston Price, GAPS, LGIT or other nutrition protocol there is a common foundation stage for any healing diet.

The first fundamental step to success is to remove excess sugars and highly processed foods.  The Leafie Sugar-free Family e-Course will help you to take this first step.

Leafie – Food is Medicine 

It’s with gratitude that the money we have raised from our kickstart ‘Food as medicine‘ campaign has allowed us to set up our online course for families absolutely free of charge.

Start now, it’s free!

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