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Course 1: Sugar-free family

The first step to heal, this is the first of our free courses =)

Whether you decide you want to follow a Paleo, AIP, Ketogenic, Modified Atkins, FODMAP, Weston Price, GAPS or LGIT (or whatever else kind of healing diet) for your family, there is usually one common principle we think is a fundamental step to success.  All of these diets or protocols recommend a low sugar approach, and for that reason – our first course is dedicated to understanding and circle navigating your way through the modern world of blatant high fructose syrups, hidden sugars and misleading labelling and marketing.

It’s with great appreciation and gratitude that the money we have raised from our kickstart ‘Food as medicine‘ campaign has allowed us to set up our first online course for families absolutely free of charge.

So sign up now, it’s free!

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