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Diabetes and Weight Loss Support



We control fire risk by removing fuel.  Cutting sugar and beige foods for people with weight and / or diabetes conditions can removing the ‘fuel’ that causes blood sugar spikes, recuding the need for medications to lower blood sugar levels.  ‘Beige’ food such as cereal, pasta, breads, noodles, rice, chips often have similar impact on blood sugar as eating sugar.


Low Carb Diet

A low-carbohydrate diet restricts the amount of sugar and beige (high in carbohydrate and often from packet or boxes) foods and drinks.  The aim of a Low Carbohydrate Diet is to stabilise blood sugar levels by switching over to foods low in and carboydrates.

A Low Carbohydrate diet is a recognised approach to managing or reversing diabetes, losing weight and maintaining weight loss, and is associated with other positive health benefits.

Our groups have supported adults with diabetes type 2 to reduce weight, cut down medications and some have even put their diabetes into remission.


  • What a low carbohydrate diet is
  • What meals and snacks work best for blood sugar control
  • How to adapt a low carb diet to suit your own lifestyle
  • Friendly supportive groups to help keep you motivated
  • Staying safe and routine checks
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