Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Family Health Lab podcast

With host, Claire McDonnell Liu, Nutritionist

Family Health Lab podcast brings you the Better Health Families Series.

Listen to conversations with international experts achieving extraordinary health improvements for kids and families.

Learn options for better health – food as medicine with Keto and low carb nutrition, movement, mindfulness tools.

Get simple tips and everyday strategies to optimise your wellbeing.

The Family Health Lab podcast brings you the Healing Families Series. Conversations with everyday people achieving extraordinary health improvements with nutritional, emotional and physical changes, as well as heaps of courage.

Claire and her husband Justin drastically improved their children’s health conditions, of epilepsy, eczema, and alopecia. They share their nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes in their story here.

Tune in as Claire talks to experts and individuals from around the world, as she discusses breakthrough health research and delivers must know tips for families.

Listen to real health info and suggestions to help your family to achieve optimum health and heal special families.

Love for the show.

“Listening to the podcast with your family is the one best thing you can do for yourself & your kids”

Bec Durral, Perth, WA.

Claire’s conversations share powerful testimonies of the incredible resillience and healing that families can achieve”.

Praful Solanki, Clinical Nurse Specialist, UK

The conversations are inspiring, with plenty of tangible take home points to put into practice.

The interviews sparked great conversations in my family, and gave a lot of insights into our own health, that will undoubtedly help strengthen my own journey to improve my diabetes”.

Deandra Lindsay, Sydney, NSW

The Family Health Lab shares both expert advice and personal stories for families looking to transorm their health. One of the most amazing parts of this series is when hearing other’s stories we do not feel so alone and isolated in our own journey.

Tracey Moore, Integrative Health Practitioner

Series 1 Episode 2: Belinda Fettke –
A small but mighty voice for health change

Show Notes

What would you do if your husband’s career was on the line?

Former nurse, Belinda Fettke’s life was turned upside down when her husband Dr Gary Fettke was reported and threatened with dismissal.

Dr Gary Fettke’s advice to his patients, to cut sugar and other refined carbohydrates and to eat eggs and cheese, had led to impressive health improvements for his patients. But also landed him in trouble with the authorities. 

Find out how Belinda defended her husband, and the dark side of nutritional dietary advice that she uncovered along the way.

Belinda became a specialist nutritional researcher, delving deeper than anyone else, into the conflicts of interest and biases that corrupt the dietary bodies we rely on. She is an inspirational figure, spearheading nutritional guideline changes.

Find out how Belinda responded to the threats and reports to AHPRA, emerging to become one of Australia’s leading researchers into Nutrition policy for family health.

Finally listen to Belinda’s wisdom on food changes that every family should be making.


Episode time: 51.58min

We talk about:

  • Tasmania, Australia
  • Belinda’s nursing days and what ‘The Pink Ladies’ sold to patients!
  • How Dr Gary Fettke found himself under attack
  • How one small voice can make a difference
  • Challenging the vested interests shaping our dietary and health guidelines.
  • Helping families thrive against current ill-informed nutrition guidance
  • Whole foods and keeping changes simple
  • What every family need to know about nutrition, and preventing disease
  • Belinda’s tips on simple nutritious everyday family foods

Contact Belinda

Website: I Support gary 
FB: Belinda Fettke – Low Carb Healthy Fats
Twitter: Belinda Fettke
LinkedIn:Belinda Fettke – Nutrition Researcher


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Podcast: Healing Families

 Interview: Claire McDonnell Liu
Produced and edited by: Claire McDonnell Liu
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S1 E1: Dr Caryn Zinn, Registered Dietician
– A Whole Food Approach to Low Carb Nutrition –


Show Notes

Today we enter the world of Caryn Zinn, PhD, Registered Dietitian and Senior Lecturer at AUT University, NZ.

Caryn is the co-author of several books, including What The Fat? Fat’s In, Sugar’s Out: How to Live the Ultimate Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat Lifestyle, and What The Face! How to Look and Feel Good from the Inside Out.

She has over 25 years of experience and is having a huge impact on her mission to spread the whole food message to improve global health!

I first chatted with Caryn a number of years ago when I was planning a school nutrition project, and found her nutrition work with children and schools. She has been an inspiration to us here at Leafie ever since, as her exciting work continues to evolve and break new ground.

Caryn is originally from Cape Town, in South Africa, where she undertook her dietetic training. She describes herself as initially a very loyal dietician, adhering to nutrition guidelines and practicing in this way.

Caryn moved to the North Island in New Zealand, working in public health to try to address the significant health problems there, such as shockingly high rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Her next career move took her to Auckland, as an academic. Her experiences within the different communities of New Zealand had a big impact her, and over time she radically switched her nutrition philosophy.

Caryn describes herself as a Low Carb Dietician, emphasising the importance of a whole food approach.

New Zealand is currently one of the most obese nations in the world, with people of Maori heritage disproportionally affected. Caryn’s work to shake up nutrition does not just rest with Low Carb or Ketogenic nutrition therapy. She is also delivering and evaluating exciting research into different modes of healthcare support. Her team, supported by UK GP Dr David Unwin, is an international low-carb first that should help to demonstrate and shape nutrition support accross New Zealand and the world.

I really enjoyed chatting to Caryn, she a dedicated and hugely knowledgeable professional – with a passion for embedding sustained change, where it is most needed.

Listen to learn more about Caryn’s work and her health and food suggestions for families.

Episode time: 44:14min

We talk about:

  • New Zealand and South Africa
  • Caryn’s whole food nutrient-dense approach to family health
  • How low carb nutrition efficacy has been established, particularly for treatment of diabetes type 2, pre-diabetes and obesity.
  • The exciting longterm government funded low carb research that Caryn is undertaking in New Zealand. Focused around delivery of nutrition support for those living with diabetes type 2, pre-diabetes and metabolic health.
  • The nutrition changes that Caryn implemented with children, families and schools, and their impact
  • How diet can impact on family health and the steps families can take to improve theres.
  • Helping families thrive, without having to adapt strict Low carb or Keto protocols
  • What excites Caryn about the next chapter for low-carb nutrition and health
  • What resources every family need to know about with regards to nutrition, and preventing disease

Contact Caryn

Website: CarynZinn
FB: @Caryn Zinn Dietician
Twitter: @CarynZinn

Caryn’s Recommendations

Here are Caryn’s What The Fat book series, written with Prof Grant Schofield, Dietitian Caryn Zinn and Chef Craig Rodger. What The Fat? recipes here.

Caryn also recommends families take a look at Ditch the Carbs, a website packed full with amazing family recipes, and resources.


Podcast: Healing Families

 Interview: Claire McDonnell Liu
Produced and edited by: Claire McDonnell Liu
Audio mastering: 0AD Web Design
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S1 E3: Dr Sarah Hancock
– Tooth Decay is an Early Warning Sign of Ill-Health

Sarah is from Central South Island in beautiful New Zealand. She has two teenage daughters and a wealth of knowledge on the relationship between our oral health and our overall health.

Sarah completed her PhD in public health nutrition at AUT, entitled: “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Towards Integrated Dietary Approaches”. She explains about her research, and it’s potential benefits for family health.

Dental health is typically treated separately from all other medical health disciplines. However, Sarah’s in-depth research suggests that this could be a significant missed opportunity for disease prevention.

Find out how dental cavities that are taken for granted could be treated as an early warning sign. Mouth health could be treated as an indicator of the gut microbiome, metabolic health and be the “canary in the coal mine” to underlying metabolic disfunction.

Sarah would like to create big systemic change in how we regard dental health and for us to pay attention to what is actually going on in our children’s bodies. Taking notice of early dental health problems could help us to prevent the chronic disease that is becoming so prevalent in later life, such as diabetes type 2.

We discuss the modern food environment and barriers parents may face when making healthier food changes, replacing highly processed and sugary foods with whole foods.

Dr Sarah Hancock clearly has a passion for her area of research, and is on a mission to translate her work into lessons that will improve the health of the wider community. Her knowledge and experience shines through in this chat, as she sets out steps that families can take to make important health changes.

Contact Sarah

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @sjhancocknz

Sarah’s Recommendations

DitchtheCarbs – recipes and resources to change your family foods


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