Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Hello family, goodbye sugar!

The ‘Sugar-free Family’ Program

We need to derive energy from our foods but we don’t need added sugar.  Stop eating sugar and you can stop weight gain, bad skin, tooth decay, mood swings and reduce your risk of developing serious health conditions.

Many of us have become slaves to the sweet stuff and don’t know how to kick the habit!  Help is at hand – follow our straightforward online course for help and support to get your sugar-free lifestyle started.

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The Sugar-free Program is full of tips and tricks from leading health professionals!

Our Reviews

Families need help to ditch the addiction. Thank you for providing both the information and a supportive community to help them do that.
Gillian Szollos
Gillian Szollos
Ottawa, Canada
I’m off 2 diabetes medications and am due to come off a statins thanks to the diet changes I have learned with Leafie.org
Harish Palma
Leicester, UK
My Low Carb lifestyle has given me a new purpose in life and has made me feel a lot more optimistic about life in general.
Galway, Ireland
My family's health has improved massively now that we eat less sugar. Our house is a sugar-free safe zone and our kids love it!
Adrienne Olivier
Adrienne Olivier
Capetown, SA

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