Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Hello family, goodbye sugar!


Here a some words from our lovely Low Carb and Weight Loss group members:


I’m off 2 diabetes medications and am due to come off a statins thanks to the diet changes I have learned with Leafie.org . I lost 15kg, have more energy and sleep better.  I am so grateful for this new knowledge”.  Harry Odedra

My Low Carb lifestyle has given me a new purpose in life and has made me feel a lot more optimistic about life in general.  I formed new sleeping and eating habits.  Manisha Patel
After joining this group I have learned a lot about food and I have made a lot of changes to the way I eat.  I feel better.  Vicky T
Fantastic, as has really helped my diabetes control better.  It takes time to get used to but after a few weeks it has made a impact on my diabetes control.  I feel less bloated and healthier.  Mrs Chandra

I’ve lost 2 stone, have more energy and fell in love with food again.  Even through an emotionally difficult time I maintained the weight loss.  It’s because I love my new way of eating, it isn’t like a diet at all.  Cathy L

I loved it, particularly talking to others, learning about food and blood sugar control and trying new recipes.   I have already recommended these groups to family and friends.  Kailesh Patel



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