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Cutting added sugar is the most effective way of reducing chronic disease.

The reasons to cut sugar are really simple:

  • Too many children are eating too much sugar too often
  • Regularly eating too much sugar increases risk of weight gain, serious ill-health, disease and tooth decay

    Sugar news:
    Tooth decay is the number one reason that children are admitted to hospital in England
    Type 2 diabetes and childhood weight problems are increasing.

  • Sugar is everywhere, in our cereals, soups, yoghurts, snack bars, soft drinks, sauces and meals
  • Many children aren’t eating enough of the foods that can keep them strong and healthy –  nutrient deficiencies are becoming increasingly common.
  • Children that eat healthily can benefit from stable moods, concentrate and achieve more
  • Helping children to cook and enjoy a variety of food, not just sweet tastes, can teach important life skills – they’ll be able to look after themselves when they’re older
  • Eating meals as a family means sharing positive family time together

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