Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Dr Sarah Ballantyne explains how she resolved her own health issues the Paleo Way.

We are delighted that Dr Sarah Ballantyne PhD aka @The Paleo Mom has shared her personal ‘food as medicine’ story with us.

Sarah successfully used real food, in particular the Paleo and AIP diets, to resolve her extensive laundry list of health problems, including hashimotos, fatigue, skin conditions, allergies and weight fluctuations.

Sarah went on to produce the very informative ThePaleomom.com website, authored several books including New York Times bestselling The Paleo Approach and is co-host of the top-rated  The Paleo View podcast.

In our chat here Sarah also shares her approach to working with health professionals, her love of the science supporting using nutrition for health and her views of ketogenic and low carb diet approaches, hint – fibrous foods for your gut health are key!


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