Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Hello family, goodbye sugar!

Gillian Szollos on using ketosis for Epilepsy as an adult.

Watch Gillian’s incredible story of late onset epilepsy, how she got on with AEDs and her incredible seizure reduction using the ketogenic diet. But it doesn’t stop there, she has gone on to spread the word doing inspirational talks for Diet Doctor, Keto Con and more.

Her website ketoalldayeveryday.com is a hub of resources, success stories and all things keto.

Much love to Gillian for taking the time to speak with us! x

Mark Hancock chats about how he reversed Type 2 Diabetes


Mark was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 8 years ago. Despite following the standard nutritional advice offered to all diabetics Mark had found his weight and blood glucose levels starting to rise and the GP had recommended he increased his medication.

That is, up until the point Mark decided enough was enough and started to research T2D for himself, finding accounts of people using LCHF to keep blood sugar normalised and effectively controlling and even reversing Type 2 Diabetes with diet alone! Now Mark is living proof that not only can it be done, it can open doors to a whole new life of health and positivity.

Mark is due to speak at the Houses of Parliament Wednesday 27th June 2018, good for you Mark, we are all rooting for you! Watch this space for more about that..

Join Mark’s Facebook group dedicated to Blood Sugar control in 8 weeks here.

Dr Olivia Rimington’s own LCHF approach to managing Type 1 Diabetes


Olivia was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just before she started medical school, 20 years ago. Her journey through medicine has lead her to using ‘Food as medicine’ for her own health as well as to help other people use it for not only diabetes but a whole host of chronic health conditions attributed to lifestyle.

Olivia mentions:

And also recommends books by:

Olivia is in the process of writing up some patient information leaflets regarding LCHF, intermittent fasting, insulin resistance, and lifestyle management of chronic diseases – so we’ll post links to those when they become available.

Lisa Simpson’s journey from Hashimoto to Paleo and Co

Before discovering an AIP diet, Paleo & Co co-founder and mum of 2, Lisa, struggled with digestive issues, hair loss, fatigue, muscle aches and so many other symptoms, Here she tells us how she used real food to combat her health issues, how she has transitioned her “Paleo-ish” kids and all about her mission to grow the Paleo movement in the UK.

Lisa’s website:

Dr Sarah Ballantyne explains how she resolved her own health issues the Paleo Way.

We are delighted that Dr Sarah Ballantyne PhD aka @The Paleo Mom has shared her personal ‘food as medicine’ story with us.

Sarah successfully used real food, in particular the Paleo and AIP diets, to resolve her extensive laundry list of health problems, including hashimotos, fatigue, skin conditions, allergies and weight fluctuations.

Sarah went on to produce the very informative ThePaleomom.com website, authored several books including New York Times bestselling The Paleo Approach and is co-host of the top-rated  The Paleo View podcast.

In our chat here Sarah also shares her approach to working with health professionals, her love of the science supporting using nutrition for health and her views of ketogenic and low carb diet approaches, hint – fibrous foods for your gut health are key!

Mike Dancer’s 10th year ketoversary

Mike Dancer Ketogenic Diet

July 15th 2018 marks 10 years of using ‘Food as medicine’ for Mike Dancer.  He’s celebrating by doing a sponsored SKYDIVE for Team Leafie!!! Please donate here.

Having his first epileptic seizure aged 34, Mike spent 8 years taking the AEDs he was prescribed.  However, as the seizures continued, the side-effects from the drugs was making life unbearable.  He was told ‘take the drugs, or die’.  But with the help of Professor Dominic D’agostino, Mike took control of his destiny by starting the ketogenic diet.

In this video we discuss: his story; the amazing way he found the ketogenic diet; polar bears; skydiving; time travel; astronauts; and intermittent fasting…

Mike and Dominic were inspirational to us as we researched the ketogenic diet as Leafie’s first step intervention for what turned out to be an drug-resistant form of epilepsy. 


Gemma Herbertson tackles her son’s brain tumour

Gemma Herbertson chats with Claire McDonnell Liu about ‘Food as Medicine’ and it’s importance as the foundation to health. Listen to Gemma’s story of how she approached her son’s early onset seizures which where later diagnosed to be caused by a tumour on the brain.

Gemma is a powerhouse of research, knowledge, support and inspiration to a lot of people, including us!

Here are some of the links and books she mentions in the video above:



  • Why Isn’t My Brain Working – Dr. Datis Kharrazian
  • The Ultra Mind Solution – Dr Mark Hyman
  • Is that My Child: Brain Food Plan – Dr Robin Pauc
  • How to Feed a Brain: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function and Repair – Cavin Balaster

Russell Davison’s optimal nutrition for cancer

Russell Davison - Food as Medicine

Russell Davison shares his and wife Wendy’s nutrition for cancer journey with Justin Vee Liu.

Following Wendy’s diagnosis with stage 4 cervical cancer 12 years ago, Wendy was determined to avoid the ‘cancer conveyor belt’ and to take control of her own health.

They immersed themselves in research, learning all they could about the nutritional changes that would most support Wendy’s health and well being – extending Wendy’s life by at least 5 years.

Thank you to lovely Russell for talking about their experiences so openly.  Russell and Wendy genuinely expired us to take a natural healing approach with both our kids – we are blessed to have them as friends.


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